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Your Complete Solution for Importing from China
Simplify Importing Products from the Chinese Market

We offer an exclusive and personalized service for searching and importing products from China. Our process is designed to be simple and transparent, ensuring a hassle-free import experience.

    How to Request the Service

    Payment and Online Request:

    To start, make a payment of €9.99 per product directly online. This step officially initiates our collaboration.

      Filling Out the Request Form:

      After payment, fill out the request form available on our website and enter your order number; you can send us a link to the product and specify all the details of the product you wish to import from China.

        Receiving the Quotation:

        Within 3-5 working days of receiving your request, our expert team will provide you with a detailed quotation. This includes the best purchase price found and available transportation options (by ship, air, or truck, for the China-Poland route).

        Service Fee Deduction on Order Placement:

        If the search results in an import order, the initial service fee of €9.99 per product will be deducted from the purchase invoice, making your initial investment even more advantageous.

        Complete Import Management

        Once the order is confirmed, we will handle all phases of the import, including the costs of customs clearance from China to Poland. Once the goods arrive in Poland, they will be already cleared through customs and ready to be shipped to Italy or to the logistic centers of the main European marketplaces.

        Customizable Shipping Options

        Direct Shipping:

        We can organize shipping directly to your company, whether in cartons or on pallets, providing you with tailor-made quotes.

        Affiliated Marketplace Couriers:

        Use couriers affiliated with the main European marketplaces for efficient delivery.

        Trusted Freight Forwarder:

        You are free to send your trusted freight forwarder to pick up at our warehouses in Poland.

        Service Exclusions

        To maintain quality and safety, we do not handle requests for:

        Adult products
        Live animals
        Food contact products
        Electronic products
        Hazardous materials
        Start your journey to new business opportunities with China by delegating everything to us.


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