How can I check product availability in the "Ready to Ship" section?

Products in our “Ready to Ship” section are always available for immediate shipment. To find out the quantities currently available, we invite you to send the link of the product you are interested in via our customer support chat. We are ready to provide you with all the necessary information quickly and professionally.

How does customer support work in B2B Seller Hub?

We are always ready to offer you support via our dedicated customer support chat or via email. Our team is available every working day from 8:00 to 18:00. You can send messages or emails at any time. If you contact us during business hours, you will receive an immediate response. However, for requests sent outside of working hours, we will respond the next working day. We are here to assist you efficiently and promptly.

What are the delivery times for "Ready to Ship" products?

For products in our “Ready to Ship” section, an order processing time of 14 days is required. Added to this is a further 5 working days for delivery via express courier or freight forwarder.
What are the delivery times for orders in the “Supply Chain” section?

For orders in the “Supply Chain” section, shipping times vary depending on the means of transport chosen (plane, truck, ship) and are specified on the page of each product. These times represent the period necessary for transportation from China to Poland, where our company is located. After the goods arrive, we need 7 working days to carry out a quality check before shipping. Subsequently, shipping to Europe via express courier or freight forwarder requires an additional 5 working days.

What is the cost for SKU or EAN labeling on request?

We offer the SKU or EAN labeling service upon customer request at a cost of 15 euro cents per piece. This price includes both the cost of printing the label and the labor time spent applying the label to each item. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and personalized service, ensuring that products are ready for sale as soon as they arrive in your hands.

How does the product branding service work?

We offer a personalized branding service, with tailor-made quotes. The cost varies depending on the product, logo and quantity to be printed. To obtain a quote, please send us an email with the desired quantity and your brand logo in PDF or vector format. We will analyze your request and provide you with a detailed quote, ensuring we meet your specific needs for effective, quality branding.

What payment methods does B2B Seller Hub accept?

We accept payments via credit cards and bank transfers. On our site, you can make payments directly by credit card. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please send us an email to receive all the necessary payment instructions.

How does the ordering process work on B2B Seller Hub?

After placing your order on our site or by bank transfer, you will receive a proforma invoice. Once your payment has been accounted for, we will proceed with completing your order. We are committed to managing every stage of ordering efficiently and transparently, ensuring that products are ready for shipment in the shortest possible time.

Is it possible to insert "Thank You Card" inside packages?

Absolutely, we offer the possibility of inserting personalized “Thank You Cards” inside packages for free. This service is ideal for adding a personal touch to your orders and enriching the end customer experience.

Is it possible to prepare products for marketplace fulfillment centers?

Yes, we offer a product preparation service for the logistics centers of the major marketplaces. This service costs 5 euros per package and includes the 5-layer cardboard box suitable for logistics specifications, the application of stickers with the information requested by the logistics centers and delivery to the shipping point. This is designed to streamline the logistics process and ensure that your products are ready for sale as soon as they reach the fulfillment center.

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