🔌🔗 Cable Organizer Holder (White)

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The Cable Organizer Holder is the perfect solution for keeping all your cables well organized and safe.

With a set of 3 self-adhesive hangers, this innovative device allows you to keep cables tidy and tangle-free in any room of your home or office.


Features and Benefits:

🔄 Functional Design: Each hook of the organizer holder allows you to attach your cable to a special clip in its center, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible when you need them.

🔗 Universal and Versatile: Thanks to the compact design and durable PP plastic material, these organizer holders work perfectly in any room and are ideal for cables of different sizes and types.

💪 Resistant and Durable: Made with high quality materials and equipped with strong glue on the back, these organizer holders are extremely resistant and adhere firmly to any surface, ensuring long-lasting organization.

📐 Optimized Size: With a length of 10cm, a width of 3cm and a depth of 1.7cm, these organizer holders offer an optimal size to accommodate different types of cables without taking up too much space.

Elegant Design: With their elegant white color, these organizer stands blend seamlessly with any decor and add a touch of style and order to any environment.

With the Cable Organizer Holder, keep all your cables tidy, safe and easily accessible, eliminating the mess and hassle of tangling. Transform the chaos of cables into an orderly and functional environment!


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