ESD Anti-Static Brush Set


🔌🛠️ ESD Anti-Static Brush Set – Reliable Protection for Your Electronic Devices 🛠️🔌

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🔌🛠️ ESD Anti-Static Brush Set - Reliable Protection for Your Electronic Devices 🛠️🔌

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The Set of 8 ESD Anti-Static Brushes is the essential accessory for every service technician.

designed to protect your electronic devices from accidental damage caused by electrostatic discharge when cleaning electronic components.


Features and Benefits:

🛡️ Reliable Protection: ESD anti-static brushes eliminate the risk of damage to electronic devices caused by electrostatic discharges, ensuring safe and hassle-free cleaning.

Essential Tool for Technicians: Each brush is designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance, making this set a key addition to every service technician's tool kit.

🌟 Different Sizes and Shapes: The set includes a variety of brushes with different lengths and shapes, suitable for cleaning a wide range of electronic components and hard-to-reach areas.

🔄 Anti-Static Material: Made of high-quality anti-static plastic, these brushes ensure safe dissipation of electrostatic charges, protecting your devices during maintenance and cleaning.


Technical specifications:

Material: Antistatic Plastic

Brush length: from 12.5 cm to 17 cm

Black colour

Packaging: Set of 8 plastic pieces

Set Contents:

Brush (17 cm)
Flat Brush 1 (17 cm)
Flat Brush 2 (14 cm)
Flat Brush 3 (14 cm)
Flat Brush 4 (15.5 cm)
Flat Brush 5 (14.5 cm)
Round Brush 1 (12.5 cm)
Round Brush 2 (14 cm)

With the ESD Anti-Static Brush Set, protect your electronic devices during maintenance and cleaning, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.


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