Telescopic Scraper with Brush for Glass and Cars


🚗 Telescopic Scraper with Brush for Glass and Cars

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🚗 Telescopic Scraper with Brush for Glass and Cars

👉 A : OFFER FOR PURCHASE OF 1000 PIECES    : €3890


👉 B : OFFER FOR PURCHASE OF 750 PIECES    :    €3037.50

4.05 € PER PIECE

👉 C : OFFER FOR PURCHASE OF 500 PIECES    :   €2100

4.20 € PER PIECE


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Make cleaning windows and removing ice from your car a quick and easy operation with our telescopic scraper with brush.

🔍 Product Details:

Extendable and Versatile: With an adjustable length from 64 to 80 centimeters, this tool is perfect for reaching high windows and easily cleaning your car's windshield.

Ideal for Ice: The scraper is designed to effectively remove ice

ice from the car windows, ensuring optimal visibility during the winter months.

Rotating Brush: The integrated brush allows you to thoroughly clean the windows, removing dirt and residues with ease.

Color: Available in a practical yellow and black color, it is an indispensable tool for both home and car.

🚘 Perfect for Your Car: Not only for the home, but also an indispensable ally for your car during the winter. Get ready to face the coldest days with this telescopic scraper!

Bring efficiency and convenience to everyday cleaning, both for the windows of your home and those of your car, with this multifunctional tool! 💨


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