Terms & Conditions

Article 1 Ownership of the Site and Preliminaries These General Contract and Supply Terms and Conditions govern the sales services provided on the website www.b2bsellerhub.com, established between Smart Work Lab (VAT ID: PL8722411917), located in Poland, Ulica Rzeszowska 18, 39-200 Debica, represented by the legal representative Giuseppe Giovenco (hereinafter “the Company”), and the user who browses and uses the telematic purchase services on the site (hereinafter: “the User”).

The Company and the User shall be jointly referred to as “the Parties.” These Terms and Conditions bind the Parties and apply to all Users who purchase one or more products offered on the Site. Users using the Services offered on the Site declare to be 18 years old, not consumers, and acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions.

Except for mandatory regulations, the User agrees that all contracts, notifications, information, and other communications provided electronically meet the requirement of written form when required by law.

Article 2 Object I. The User, intending to engage in sales activities, wishes to purchase stocks of products and/or services sold by the Company.

II. The Company, upon payment by the User as stipulated in

Article 5, undertakes to provide the User with the ordered products and/or services.

III. The Company undertakes to deliver the ordered and paid products to the Italian address provided by the User or to the Amazon logistics center indicated by the User, and/or to provide the ordered services via email.

IV. The User has two days to check the received goods and file any claims for non-conformity with the order placed. No claims will be accepted beyond this two-day period.

Article 3 Sales and Use Conditions of the Site The User’s purchase implies full knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. There will be no commitment between the User and the Company, and therefore, no purchase contract will be considered concluded in case of obvious errors or inaccuracies committed in the order completion procedure, both by the User and the Company, regarding the User’s data, product selection, quantity, or price. The Company reserves the right to verify the accuracy of product prices before shipping and to cancel the order in case of errors. The User is solely responsible for any consequences arising from the improper use of products sold by the Company.

Article 4 Consideration and Purchase Methods I. To purchase the products mentioned in Article 2, the User must add the selected products to the cart, enter their data for the shipment of the ordered products, accept these Terms and Conditions and the Site’s Privacy Policy, and make payment according to the prescribed methods. II. Payment must be made in a single solution using the methods available on the Site, including debit or credit card or bank transfer to the Company’s account, upon request for bank details. III. In the case of payment by credit card, the validity of such payment is subject to the verification of the issuing bank’s authorization for online purchases.

V. The payment procedure constitutes a purchase proposal. V. The purchase will be considered concluded upon receipt of a specific email at the address provided by the User during the purchase.

VI. In case of problems with the purchase process or errors in data completion, the User can contact the Company at the email address info@b2bsellerhub.com. The Company will verify compliance with the previous procedures and, in the absence of valid reasons, will proceed with the purchase conclusion.

VII. In case of errors in completion, these must be reported within 24 hours of payment to allow the Company to modify the order according to the correction requests made by the User.

VIII. Concluded purchase contracts will be electronically stored on specific devices owned by the Company.

IX. The total cost for the purchase of products does NOT include the costs of international shipping.

X. Upon receipt of payment, the Company undertakes to proceed with the preparation of the requested products and/or services and to ship them within 20 working days from the moment of payment, to the addresses indicated by the User.

XI. In case of delays in the production of requested products and services that are not directly the responsibility of the Company, no compensation can be requested.

XII. For recurring orders, the Company will send the goods to the address indicated with the first order, unless otherwise specified by the User.

XIII. Under no circumstances can the User cancel an order for the supply of goods and/or services and cannot request a refund after an order for products and/or services has been submitted to the Company.

XIV. The prices of products and services offered on the website www.b2bsellerhub.com are dedicated to commercial operators with a registered VAT number in the VIES service and include an intracommunity invoice with 0% VAT as required by law. Users who do not meet this requirement will be required to pay Polish VAT at 23% in addition to the cost of products and services offered by the Company, as required by current laws.

Article 5 Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

I. All content on the Site, including but not limited to texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, sounds, videos, is owned by the Company or its content providers and is protected by international copyright laws.

II. The User has no right to use, copy, modify, distribute, sell, disclose, or exploit for commercial purposes any of the content on the Site without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 6 Limitation of Liability

I. The Company cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages, direct or indirect, resulting from delays or non-deliveries due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.

II. The Company will not be liable for any losses or damages, direct or indirect, suffered by the User or third parties due to the improper use of products purchased through the Site. III. The Company will not be responsible for any loss of data or information or damage to the User’s computer system that may result from the use of the Site.

Article 7 Changes to Terms and Conditions I. The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes will take effect immediately upon publication on the Site.

II. The use of the Site after the publication of such changes constitutes the User’s acceptance of the changes made.

Article 8 Competent Court and Applicable Law I. For any dispute arising in relation to the interpretation, validity, and/or execution of these Terms and Conditions, the Polish court shall have jurisdiction.

II. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Polish law, excluding conflict of law rules.

Article 9 Final Provisions I. In the event that one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions are considered illegal, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, this circumstance will not compromise the legality, validity, or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

II. The Company’s failure to exercise one or more rights provided by these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or any other rights provided by the Terms and Conditions.

III. The User declares to have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. Supplier’s Obligations The Supplier undertakes to: a) provide its service with the diligence required by the nature of the activity and the laws; b) carry out its activity in a professional and continuous manner, ensuring the highest quality of products sold to the User; c) maintain the utmost confidentiality on all information and documents of which it becomes aware during the execution of this contract; d) comply in terms of quantity, quality, and times,

without any modification or alteration, only and exclusively with the data agreed upon with the User based on this contract, respecting the purposes of this agreement as well as the limitations and purposes of data processing. The Company is not responsible for any damages that are not a direct and immediate consequence of the contract breach. The Company is in no way responsible for the fulfillment of obligations by third parties who may offer commercial guarantees in relation to the products sold on the Site. The Company reserves the right to prevent access to the Site in case of violation of applicable laws and/or violation of these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible for any delays or failures in its contractual obligations, nor for any delays, issues, or suspensions of the Site due to force majeure or unforeseen events. Among the reasons that could lead to the suspension, delay, or non-performance of contractual obligations, for which the Company is not responsible, are included, by way of example and not exhaustively: delays in the delivery of goods by its commercial partners, malfunctions of telephone and/or electrical lines and/or the internet, malfunctions of software, hardware and/or hosting services, interruptions and/or suspensions due to legal provisions, even of an exceptional nature, or acts of Polish or foreign authorities; interference or interventions by third parties on the services or equipment used by the Company in the production of products; misuse of the platform by users; malfunctions of the connection devices used by users; non-compliance and/or obsolescence of equipment or software used by users; malfunctions of services, loss of data, accidental disclosure of personal or sensitive data not attributable to the Company’s behavior, and any other type of damage resulting from hacker attacks, thieves, hackers, and/or viruses.

Article 6 User’s Obligations The User undertakes to: a) agree with the Supplier on the methods of delivery of the goods, the frequency of delivery of the products, and any variations, subject to agreement between the parties; b) provide the Supplier with the documentation and information necessary for the correct execution of this contract and for the effective performance of the supply activity; c) adopt all security measures suitable for ensuring the protection of its documents, data, and/or information; d) communicate to the Supplier any agreements previously concluded with third parties related to services connected to the supply services covered by this agreement. Article 7 Effectiveness and Duration I. This agreement comes into effect immediately and is valid for 12 months from the date of signing. II. After that period, the agreement will be considered tacitly renewed for another year and so on for subsequent years.

III. Any of the Parties may prevent the tacit renewal of this contract by sending written notice to the other Party by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email at least 30 days before the expiration of the contract each year.

Article 8 Withdrawal I. The Parties jointly agree that the User has no right of withdrawal if the User is not a consumer.

II. The Supplier may withdraw from the contract for just cause; in this case, it is entitled to reimbursement of the expenses incurred and compensation for the work performed.

III. The right to withdraw from the contract must be exercised by the Supplier in a way that does not harm the User, giving written notice, by registered letter or email, with 15 days’ notice.

Article 9 Limitation of Liability I. The Supplier is only liable for damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence. II. The failure or negligent performance of the services provided by this agreement by the Supplier constitutes gross negligence.

III. In case of non-response or communication from the User, following solicitations from the Supplier, the latter cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered by the User.

IV. The Supplier assumes no obligation beyond those provided by this contract.

V. Any direct or indirect legal action for compensation for damage must be initiated by the User within 2 (two) months from the natural expiration of this agreement, under penalty of forfeiture.

VI. Except as provided imperatively by law and except as provided in this article, the Supplier assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, suffered by the User or third parties in relation to this contract or the services provided therein.

VII. The Supplier disclaims any liability for the closure of the User’s business and for the blocking, suspension, or closure of the User’s seller account by Amazon, warning the User that such blocks may occur for reasons independent of the behavior of the Parties.

Article 10 Disputes This contract is subject to Polish law, and for any dispute arising in connection with its execution or interpretation, the International Court of Commercial Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall have exclusive jurisdiction in accordance with its Rules of Arbitral Procedure.

Article 11 Privacy For information and regulations regarding the processing of personal data by the Company, please refer to the privacy information page at the end of the Site’s homepage.

Article 12 Links to External Websites The links and connections to external sites provided by the Company are for informational purposes only. The Company cannot be held responsible for the use of external sites. The inclusion of external links does not imply any connection with them, nor any responsibility for the proper treatment of data according to privacy regulations or any other information provided by the User/Client to external websites.

Article 13 Final Provisions These Terms and Conditions will remain valid and effective until modified and/or supplemented by the Company. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will take effect and become binding on the User from the moment of their publication on the Site and will apply to sales made from that date. Changes to these Terms and Conditions resulting from regulatory requirements and/or updates will be published on the Site to inform the User.

Article 14 Communications and Complaints All communications and/or any complaints from the User to the Company must be sent to the email address: info@b2bsellerhub.com. Effective date of these Terms and Conditions: 20/07/2019 Contacts. For any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the services offered through the Site, the User can contact the Company using the following contact information: Email: info@b2bsellerhub.com Postal address: Ulica Rzeszowska 18, 39-200 Debica, Poland.

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